Fault Management Systems

gluIT has a long lasting tradition in designing and developing fault management systems in the field of emergency response centers. Since 2001 we intensified our engagement in the logistics area. These systems supervise the operational reliability of important components and, in the event of a malfunction, will trigger appropriate measures.

This is achieved by monitoring and visualizing component states, and localizing and logging faults. Furthermore, the system can start eligible actions like switching to backup systems, or the system supports the operator in reacting to the situation manually. For this purpose the system provides the user with general information about the components as well as fault-specific instructions and an interactively maintained knowledge base.

Further stages of expansion enable the system to collect operational data from connected components. These data are archived and analyzed to supervise the working process, to sense problems at an early stage, and to cognize optimization potentials.

Other functionalities include verification of maintenance assignments, enhanced notification possibilities using several communication channels, and connections to other logistic software systems.

Fault management and diagnosis systems by gluIT are tailored individually to the customer's project, hereby enabling the efficiency needed in this specific environment.


gluIT's current Fault Management and Diagnosis Systems (FMDS) are essentially based on the former Fault Reporting System that was developed by gluIT staff members for the Hamburg Fire Department. That system features a thorough view into the operational status of the Command & Control System and its peripherals, thereby enabling its users to reliably identify error conditions and take counter measures.


In 2001 gluIT developed CTA-FMDS for Hamburg's Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA), which was the first "real" Fault Management and Diagnosis System in gluIT's history. In 2012 it was replaced by its successor, also developed by gluIT. more


The second generation of FMDS has been developed since 2006. Installations have been deployed at many container terminals as well as industrial facilities around the world. mehr


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