Leveraging gluIT for External Software Development —
Individual Programming is our Excellence

Please contact us for a concept specifically tailored to your project. Due to our interdisciplinary and cross-system perspective we are flexible in choosing and deploying the means that are optimal for the specific application. Be it working remote or on-site, customer focus is our priority.

Services provided by gluIT:

  • analysis, specification, and design of applications
  • preparation of specification documents
  • database design
  • coding in all well-established programming languages, both conventional and scripting
  • all related tasks like testing, documentation, and training
  • system operation and maintenance

Today gluIT mainly utilizes C# for .NET as well as Swift for iOS, macOS, and watchOS. Furthermore, we apply scripting languages such as Python, etc. for tasks that are advantageously realized this way, including Unix system administration using sh & Co.

We have an important focus on app development for smartphones and tablets. Supported platforms are iOS (with watchOS), Windows Phone, and Android. All usual server stacks (LAMP/WAMP etc., Windows IIS) are supported, too.

Please ask for a offer regarding your project!


gluIT could demonstrate its ability in many projects, be it for customers in command & control or logistics. Results of our software development projects can be inspected in the respective references.

In addition, we provided the Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) with support in three software deployment / introduction processes, delegating several of our employees on-site over the course of nine years altogether.

We also offer our know-how to interested parties coming from other sectors. Just ask us!


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